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3 Best Music Videos by Madness

by Boris Schipkov and Vasily Schipkov

Humor and fun. These are notable features of the best music videos by Madness. The best music videos by Madness are "Baggy Trousers", "Night Boat to Cairo", and "Uncle Sam".
1. In the beginning of the song "Baggy Trousers" Madness sings: "Naughty boys in nasty schools Headmasterís breaking all the rules Having fun and playing fools", "All I learnt at school Was how to bend not break the rule". In the middle of the song on 1.22 the saxophone Lee Thompson flies up and then like the eagle or the dove hovers over the band. Mike Barson plays on marimba.

"Baggy Trousers" is a masterpiece. Madness repeats: "Oh what fun we had".
"Baggy Trousers" is reached number 3 in the UK and New Zealand Charts.

2. In the beginning of the song "Night Boat to Cairo" Graham "Suggs" McPherson sings: "Itís just gone noon half past monsoon On the banks of the River Nile Here comes the boat only half afloat".

"Night Boat to Cairo". A great cheerful minimalistic music video! All musicians dance, go and run about near the Pyramids. Suggs in a colonial khaki uniform, others in khaki bermudas and pith helmets, only Lee Thompson in a red fez. This music video contains the text of the song, so we can sing together with Madness.

3. The song "Uncle Sam". The musicians sing and run in wizard hats, combat helmets and black sunglasses, then in white naval ceremonial uniforms. At the end of this music video they sail on the Thames near the Palace of Westminster with the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben), and Chas Smash salutes the Palace.

Madness sings in the song: "Tomorrow I'll be watching all the Queen's men A talent contest on Monday with my Uncle Sam Who now takes up all of my time, He gives me things to do he's a wonderful man".

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