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Darkthrone - a Norwegian heavy metal, death metal, black metal band, active from 1986. Darkthrone are one of the most successful black metal bands in the world for all time. Musicians: Nocturno Culto, Fenriz, also Ivar Enger, Dag Nilsen, Anders Risberget and Mikolas Simankevicius.

Best Albums

Soulside Journey, 1991

A Blaze in the Northern Sky, 1992

Under a Funeral Moon, 1993

Transilvanian Hunger, 1994

Panzerfaust, 1995

Ravishing Grimness, 1999

Sardonic Wrath, 2004

The Cult is Alive, 2006

The Underground Resistance, 2013

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Best Songs

Triumphant Gleam

Transilvanian Hunger

Too Old, Too Cold

In the Shadow of the Horns

To Walk the Infernal Fields

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