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Lady Gaga, Artpop, the Universe and Everything

Album review by Boris Schipkov

The studio album "Artpop" by Lady Gaga was released on November 6th, 2013. There were many reviews on Artpop in the Internet. Almost all these reviews are a little superficial, with small analysis and feelings. Now it is time for my review.

The album begins with the guitar singing like a balalaika that is nice. The first two songs "Aura" and "Venus" remind me a little bit of David Bowie and the disco band Boney M. In some places the songs "Aura" and "Venus" look as interesting musical and lyrical mixes of the mysterious and melancholic words and sounds of the great "Space Oddity" by David Bowie and electronic sounds and simple texts of the album "Nightflight to Venus" by Boney M. Though Lady Gaga sings not only about Venus, the planet and Goddess of Love, but also about other planets and Gods: Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, and Mars. I can add that now Pluto is a dwarf planet according to astronomers and not as serious as others.

Lady Gaga. Venus.

But of course the lion share of Lady Gaga's songs is electropop that frequently combined with various music styles. In this album only the tracks "Gypsy" and "Dope" are ballads. The themes of lyrics in "Artpop" are not very interesting for intellectuals, but usual for thousands songs: diamonds, sex, drugs and pop-n-roll. In the good ballad about love "Dope" the heroine says: "I need you more than dope". On the one hand this looks positive, because Love beats Dope. On another hand worth of a human being compares with worth of dope, that equivalent to other such things, for example: I need you more than a piece of cake; I need you more than pizza or borsch; I need you more than glass of water. Human beings turn to things, to animals, to swine. And we see it in the unpleasant song Swine.
For normal people, who enjoy life without dopes, the songs about "dope" are not stimulating or exciting, for normal people this theme is strange and boring. For an intellectual the greatest thing in the world is eternal sunshine of the clear mind, and dope can ruin the understanding and the beauty of Nature and Science.

Lady Gaga. Dope.

In the song "Do What U Want" Lady Gaga sings: "Do what you want with my body, and You can't have my heart, And you won't use my mind". These look like that Lady Gaga thinks that a heart (soul, spirit) and a mind can live, exist, go and fly without a body. For example, imagine: the body of Lady Gaga sits and sees the TV, her heart makes pizza in the kitchen, and her mind reads books in a library. The great philosopher Aristotle more than 2300 years ago wrote: "...there seems to be no case in which the soul can act or be acted upon without involving the body; e.g. anger, courage, appetite, and sensation generally", "Thinking seems the most probable exception; but if this too proves to be a form of imagination or to be impossible without imagination, it too requires a body as a condition of its existence", "...the affections of soul are inseparable from the material substratum of animal life, to which we have seen that such affections, e.g. passion and fear...", "…the soul is inseparable from its body", "...the soul cannot be without a body" ("On the Soul" by Aristotle, translated by J. A. Smith). Now I know about all much more than Aristotle knew (maybe I could have written 'we know', but I think 90 percents of the population of the Earth know less). Any influence or impact on the body, especially on the brain affects heart and mind. I have studied philosophy and sciences for many years, therefore now I can write a work like the ancient philosophers wrote with the same name that they used - "On Nature" or "De rerum natura" (On the Nature of Things). Such work about the Universe and human beings, about all I could write together with Lady Gaga if she will want. Such work can give Lady Gaga fresh ideas and themes for her new songs. If you would like to change the World you must know Nature, Science, Philosophy, and Art.

Lady Gaga. Do What U Want.

Also Lady Gaga sings in "Do What U Want": "Write what you want, Say what you want about me". After this I remembered at once that two weeks ago the beautiful Lady Gaga flew to me in Siberia, in Novosibirsk. Lady Gaga flew in the Space Shuttle Atlantis to the Tolmachevo Airport near Novosibirsk. Air traffic control officers and people at the Airport thought that the Space Shuttle Atlantis was a new big Boeing. Lady Gaga was in the black sun glasses, wore a long coat, and in her Passport with a Russian visa for two days was written Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, so a Border Force officer, workers of the Tolmachevo Airport, and other people did not understand that they saw the famous and rich Lady Gaga. I met with the beautiful Lady Gaga in the Airport, and we went to the city and had an unforgettable romantic dinner.

Lady Gaga. Gypsy.

Let's get back to "Artpop". The track "Applause" is fine, especially from marketing point of view: the refrain gets stuck in the brain: "The applause, applause, applause". The best song of the studio album "Artpop" by Lady Gaga is "Gypsy": the song "Gypsy" has very good melodies and lyrics. The album cover by the American artist Jeffrey "Jeff" Koons is excellent: a nude sculpture of Lady Gaga with a blue ball. According to the ancient philosopher Xenophanes God is spherical like ball; the great philosopher Plato wrote that the Universe is spherical, because the sphere is the ideal form.

Lady Gaga. Applause.

I highly recommend: Gypsy.
I recommend: Artpop, Aura, Venus, Dope, Applause, and Do What U Want.
Lady Gaga, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta: Artpop, 2013. My rating - 7 out of 10 stars.
Also I highly recommend to all to go to the concerts by Lady Gaga, because usually her concerts and music videos are great shows, and Lady Gaga has a strong beautiful voice and can dance, play piano, keyboards, drums, guitars and sing live.

Let's see one of the best music videos by Lady Gaga. "Bad Romance" is a masterpiece by Lady Gaga. In this song we see the true love and great passion.

In the beginning of the music video Lady Gaga dances dressed in the white and then black suit with a crown and looks like the chess queen. In the video we can see all the famous parts of Lady Gaga.

January 3, 2014

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